Sky Yield


Our Mission is to Reinvent the Online Media Publishing Business on a Global Scale.

For decades, media has been produced based on what publishers think their readers want. This has resulted in a poor business model, unsustainable in today's world. As consumer online media consumption shifts to a "consumer directed" media model - where consumers proactively search for, type-in and share rather than being led by large publications - Sky Yield first seeks to understand what consumers really want before ever publishing media.

Identifying consumer intent through the consumer directed media consumption and matching that with passionate authors is a great combination. Advertisers find that they are able to unlock much more value by placing offers in front of engaged consumers signaling their intent through their proactive consumption.


Juan Ruíz

John founded and directed, a spanish company leader in generating online automobile leads. The company was successfully acquired by Bergé and Vocento.

John also worked for Telefónica and has participated in several projects of entrepreneurial nature.

John has an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business where he won the Global Leadership Award. He graduated in Business and has a Bachelor in Law.