Intent Traffic

Referion Increase sales by turning your customers into advocates. They Win,You Win.

Your advocates are not just satisfied customers, they are enthusiasts of your brand. Referion can find, organize and mobilize them to bring in new sales. Simple and extremely effective.

The Problem

SEO and SEM channels perform, but fail to deliver potential customers who are not proactively searching for your products.

Paid Search Marketing prices going through the roof. Facebook and other Social Networks have failed to motivate users to take action beyond socializing. This user behavior does not translate into consumer intent.

The Solution

Companies must embrace Referral Marketing as the most effective online sales channel there is, a strategic imperative...If it is done properly.

Why Referion?

Referion is a state of the art advocacy solution that enables brands to acquire high intent customers through word of mouth strategies and proprietary technology.


Intent Share enables publishers to gain high intent consumers from their naturally shared content. Intent Share automatically inserts the original page URL whenever your content is copied and shared via social media, email, or on blog posts delivering automatic attribution, additional traffic, beneficial SEO link building and invaluable content insights.

How It Works

> Users copy and paste content from your website
how it works copy
> Your original page URL is automatically inserted when the content is pasted elsewhere on the web - blogs, websites, emails, Facebook, etc.
how it works paste
> High intent traffic increases from your shared content, you gain brand distribution, and helpful insights for your publishing team.
how it works r